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I am a strategy director with experience in all stages of brand strategy and execution. I work with CEO's on the future of their business, and I bring brands to life through tailored content. Whatever you need. I am based in London, but can work wherever you and your clients are.



Camilla Grey, Strategist

My experience

Now working independently, I was previously a strategist for leading creative consultancies Wolff Olins, Digit/Brand Union, and Moving Brands. I’ve helped to establish small Silicon Valley start-ups, and I've led the transformation of large global brands. 

Recent work:

Marvel App — nurturing a content culture

I’ve been an informal part of the Marvel gang since September 2015. Working closely with Marvel’s CEO and co-founder, I put together their content strategy, led the development of key content including their case studies and State of The Digital Nation, and recruited and coached their marketing team. 

Within 60 days of starting to work to the content strategy, Marvel had tripled every content metric and traffic from social channels had doubled. They also saw a 1.6% increase in sign ups to the product from the blog. In December 2016, Marvel secured £4 million in Series A funding. I look forward to working with them again in 2017 on their brand positioning and proposition as they continue to scale. 

Facebook — defining the world's best known brand

As Facebook continues to grow and expand, so the limits of the brand are stretched and extended. With so many new applications to consider, and an ever increasing list of partners to brief and guide, Facebook needed to update their brand guidelines and draw a line in the sand for what was ‘Facebook’ and what wasn’t. I worked with creative director, Marian Chiao, to assess Facebook’s existing brand assets and define guidelines for everything including tone of voice, moving image, photography, illustration, colour palette and emojis. Don’t forget the emojis. 

Orange — becoming customer-centric by listening and responding

From March 2013 to August 2014 I was the Lead Strategist on the Orange re-brand and global roll-out. My work encompassed brand purpose and architecture, as well as leading country pilots (France, Poland and Spain) and instigating culture change at scale. I was part of a large and diverse team both at Wolff Olins and client-side. We worked at pace to navigate multiple stakeholders through one of the biggest changes in the company’s history.

In 2016, I partnered with Wolff Olins to work on a project for Orange Business Services – bringing them in-line with the wider brand guidelines and defining a content strategy for them moving forward.

You can read Wolff Olins' case study here.

Wolff Olins — creating a global content strategy

In August 2014, I proposed a new strategic direction for digital comms at Wolff Olins, and was promoted to become their first Global Head of Content Strategy (London, New York, Dubai and San Francisco). My goal was to shift perception of Wolff Olins in the minds of ambitious leaders through a content strategy built out of the company’s new business objectives. In addition to long-term change initiatives, I demonstrated what ‘good’ looks like through the delivery of an updated website, a major piece of thought leadership, and a content partnership with The Guardian.

This is just a small selection of recent work. To discuss your specific project, please get in touch via the Contact page