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April 2008 - November 2013


The Nell arrives

Yesterday a little bit of magic happened, which saw the completion of a project that had been in the pipe line for a little while. Guy Wolstenholme - one of the founders of Moving Brands - is also an incredibly talented furniture designer. He has made pieces for his home, as well as all the tables for the MB Zurich studio. Video below.

When I told Guy I was looking for a dining table for my new place, he very kindly offered to design it for me. This is the original render...

Then the designs were sent as a CAD file to CNC Workshop in London Fields... This is the single sheet the table was cut from.

And the parts were cut out using a 3 Axis CNC Router... Those are the legs

And that's Guy's logo...

We then drove through the snow to my place and sanded the sharp edges...

And, just two hours later, assembled it all. Guy designed it so no glue is required - the pieces slot together simply.

Presenting: The 'Nell' Dining Table...

Isn't she a beauty?