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I am a strategy director with experience in all stages of brand strategy and execution. I work with CEO's on the future of their business, and I bring brands to life through tailored content. Whatever you need. I am based in London, but can work wherever you and your clients are.




April 2008 - November 2013


Hide and seek

As a blogger, there is nothing worse than discovering that a company you like and want to write about does not have a website. Such is the case with linen-company to the stars, D. Portault. A few months ago I wanted to feature their insanely decadent white and blue tiger-print sheets from the Sex in the City Movie. Then I read a piece in Vanity Fair announcing D. Portault are reviving the wedding trousseau. And now, their towels have cropped up in the first episode of the new season of Gossip Girl. I'm all for exclusivity, but it seems crazy for a label to be so obviously courting publicity to not then have an all-singing-all-dancing website to match.

Indeed, I often find that some of the best designers are guilty of some of the worst web presences. Unless you can find decent pictures on Net-a-Porter, or are happy to use runway images, the likes of DKNY and Marc Jacobs simply do not stretch their brands as far as the web. They may be leading edge when it comes to their clothes, but are tech-shy in their marketing methods.