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April 2008 - November 2013


The Perfect Saturday

Had a shifty down the lovely Marylebone High Street yesterday. MHS is wonderful not only because of it's fabulous mix of boutiques but also because it is one of the last centrally located havens mostly undiscovered by tourists. Well, apart from the acceptable kind of tourist like Jake Gyllenhaal whom I saw meandering there recently.

Marylebone is also a joy year round - whether you have a lazy al fresco brunch at Le Pain followed by a stroll round their Saturday street market in high summer, or scamper between bars of delicious dark chocolate at Rococo, cashmere heaven at Brora, and a lingering mosey round Divertimenti in the depths of winter. From shopping mecca The Conran Shop at the top, to clothes boutique KJ's Laundry at the bottom, MHS is all things to all the right sort of people.

I lusted after...

A selection of Rococo Mini Bee Bars in 8 unbelievable flavours.

And this divine Globe Trotter vanity case from the Conran Shop.