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April 2008 - November 2013


Socks and the City

When it's socks you're after the British have a pretty pathetic list of options. M&S for safe and boring, Primark for a pound a pair and Paul Smith if you're lucky enough to be a guy. Socks aren't exactly the most glamourous items in our wardrobes, but get a pair of socks right and they can make your little day. A girl I knew even used to have Friday Feeling socks - a pair of pink and black stripeys that served as a constant reminder of the impending days off.

And so it was with great glee and excitement that we fell upon Tabio - a shop hailing from Tokyo whose sole aim is your soles' delight. No sock goes unrepresented - from itty bitty sparkly bands for just your instep, to over-the knee knitted cashmere bed socks. Not to mention every colour tight one could ever wish for - not that I sartorially recommend ever wishing for bright yellow tights, but each to their own.

As September sets in, I swung by their Covent Garden shop to pick up some new leg-centric attire.